Health for Chamas & Small Groups

What is Afya Plan?

Afya-Plan utilizes the concept of one of Kenya’s and Africa’s success story (when it comes to uniting people who have common goal). The concept of Table Banking (chama). Our goal is to have an innovative use of the chama model that merges with technology to allow and give mothers who are in low-income levels access to health care services that they would have otherwise been unaffordable..

After Registration

A mother will create an account on our platform and then register a new chama. She will then invite her fellow mothers to join and agree on the amount of money they will be contributing. They will also determine the frequency of contribution, whether daily, weekly or monthly. This will allow the mothers to generate a pool of resources which they will then be able to borrow so as to access health services, ensuring that their children never have to suffer due to lack of money.

When one of the mother’s child gets sick, they will be able to request for a loan to cater for the health services. The request will then be sent to the other members. When their request is approved by a certain percentage of the members, the platform will transfer the funds to the hospital or pharmacy directly. This will ensure that the money contributed is solely used for the treatment of their children and themselves in order to give them access to better healthcare. We understand that sometimes the amount requested by the mother may be more than what the chama has at the moment, that's why we'll encourage many chamas to join so that a huge pool of money is created in the system where the amount borrowed can be taken from this pool..

The three stage process

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Learn Computer Science

Where else can your child go to build the computer from scratch, while learning how it all works – only CodeKids! Programming is logical, it helps the mind focus analytically on problems and creates concentration skills. Children won’t just learn how to code, they will learn how to think. The skills they receive will empower them to excel in their STEM subjects.

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Games Design for Kids

Kids will learn to love coding while they play their favorite game. We incorporate common core curriculum with project based lesson plans to guide our campers in learning, all while having fun! Design your own mods, texture packs, and schematics. Share your creations with the Minecraft community.

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Coding Concepts

We will take your child through the first week of orientation of computer and game concepts. If they decide to stay on for following weeks, they will design and build their own website. We will teach them aspects of the development process, design, project management, writing composition and marketing their product or service!.

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